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Introduction to Torah Software

Many years ago, when Rabbis and others wanted to write down and publish their Torah it was not easy. They had to write down everything on paper and also, they had to have all the books they needed physically by them. It was very hard and time-consuming. Just imagine one small mistake and they had to rewrite a lot. Today, thank G-d, it is very easy to write and access to Torah resources online is nearly unlimited. We can also find a broad range of Torah Software that can help us to find nearly any Torah and Jewish information we are looking for. And when looking for Torah information, it is so much easier to use Torah software than to use regular Holy Books. Many Torah programs also offer you full ranges Jewish books including Gemara, Mishnayot, Chumash with commentaries, Halacha (Jewish Law), Chassidut and much more. Most Judaica Software also offers excellent search options with opportunities such as cross searches, references, sources and much more. In my humble opinion, Jewish Software are some of the most complex when it comes to extract and find information from thousands of different sources and references within the program itself.

Range of Torah Software

The range of Torah Software is huge, and we can find whatever we need. However, to buy Jewish software is expensive, but they are often very complex, and you just need a couple of different software as well as a good word processor to be covered with most of your needs. Nevertheless, before buying your software it is a good idea to do in-depth research of the market and see what is available. And also take into consideration if you need books and resources in other languages then Hebrew (and sometimes English). Here below you can find some Jewish Software developers and distributors:

  • Torah Educational Software
  • Davka Writer
  • Artscroll
  • Bar Ilan Responsa Project

As mentioned above, Torah Software is expansive, and you should really check out different options before buying. Most of the time, it is probably cheaper to buy it from an online Judaica store than from the software developer itself.

Free Torah Software online

If you cannot afford to buy Torah Software, you can still find Jewish software online that is free to use. Or many times you can also download free trial software before making a decision to buy the full version or not.

Other Torah resources

Except for TorahSoftware, online you can also find many other very helpful Torah resources to use. Mechon Mamre and are two of the most user-friendly. For overall Jewish online resources and material Chabad online is most recommended.

Torah applications

Except for Torah software for your computer, you can also find a very nice range of Jewish Applications for your smartphone and tablet. In the article Torah applications, you will find plenty of useful information about Jewish and Torah Apps.





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