Introduction to Torah Online

We don´t always have access to Torah literature and other sources when we need them. But this is not a problem anymore since thousands of books and other Torah sources are alible in different formats online. This is very convenient and most Torah Online is accessible both on computer as well as on mobile devices.  So even when you are on the run, far from your books you can find anything and everything you need within a few clicks. Of course, like most everything on the net, you have to make sure that the Online Torah you find come from reliable sources. You don´t want to start and quote Torah from sites that are not according to Jewish traditions.

And Please be aware of that many times groups such as Jews For Jesus and different Missionary Sects try hard and build Web sites that look like genuine Jewish Torah Online sites, but they are not.

Good Torah online sources

You can find hundreds or even thousands of different Online Torah sources to use. Torah on Internet is available in many languages depending on what kind of Torah you are looking for. Written Torah is not as much available as verbal Torah such as classes. Chabad is probably the organization that offer Torah online in most languages and is available on hundreds of different web sites and applications. What other web resources do we really recommend?

  • Sefaria – online Jewish text library available in English and Hebrew. It is free to sign up for an account.
  • Bar Ilan Responsa Project – is the world’s largest electronic collection of Torah literature of its kind. This is a paid service that you have to subscribe to.
  • Torah Any Time – Here you have access to hundreds of different classes from a big variation of speakers and in many languages.
  • YU Torah – is the online Torah classes Library of Yeshiva University. Here you have access to thousands of different Torah classes. You can even download source sheets if available from a specific class.

YouTube is also a very good resource to find Torah online and much more inspiring Jewish video clips. 

Torah Online applications

The range of Torah applications is big and the supply of them is constantly growing. It doesn´t make a difference if you have an iOS or Android device. Just like with regular Torah Online, Chabad offer an impressive range of applications. From publishing houses Artscroll is the leading distributor of Digital media that you can download to your favorite device. The best Torah Library application is not surprisingly Sefaria Torah online application for Android and iOS.

Torah online From Yeshivot

Many Yeshivot do also offer Torah online. They are publishing articles, audio classes and much more. Some of them even let you send questions online and they reply online as well. Machon Meir is one of many Yeshivot that offer Torah in English online. Also, yeshivot such as Har Etzion and Kerem B´Yavne have plenty of online Torah in English. 

Living in Israel

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Now You Can Afford your Own Home

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Who I am and What I am

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Baruch HaShem is not an answer

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If I forget Gush Katif may God forbid

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