Learning Torah on Facebook

It is so fun to study Torah online. On internet you can find many different groups and forums where the focus is Torah Learning.  One platform that is very popular for learning Torah Online is Facebook. Torah on Facebook is big and well-developed, and you can find plenty of groups and pages in many different Jewish segments. But be aware that some of them aren´t genuine Jewish. This includes for Jews for Jesus, Messianic Judaism and much more. You can also find some reform and conservative groups. One of many groups were we publish a lot of the Torah from Living Torah Online is Living Torah. Our main page on Facebook is called Living Torah online, just like this site.

How to find Torah on Facebook

First of all, you have to have an account on Facebook to be able to like a Torah page or Torah group. When you have an active account, you can start to search for different groups by keywords, such as:

  • Torah
  • Judaism
  • Jewish
  • Chabad

And many more.

Some groups everyone can join, but you also have groups where you have to be accepted by the moderator. To like a Torah page everyone can do, but the owner of the page can block you if they don´t like you. The same is also true for a group. The owner or moderator have the possibility to block you.

Take part in Torah on Facebook

In some groups you have the possibility to post your own Torah insights and thoughts. But others only accept posts or articles from the moderator or owner. Even when you can post yourself, it doesn´t mean that you can write what ever you like. In many groups the moderator has to accept your post before it gets posted in the Torah group for others to read.

What is very nice is that many times in Torah groups and Torah pages on Facebook you can add your comments to different posts. This makes is very live. Sometimes amazing discussions happens there with hundreds of different comments and replies.

Spread your own Torah on Facebook

If you have Torah that you want to share with the rest of Facebook, then it is a good idea to start your own Torah on Facebook group where people can join or a Facebook Torah page that fellow users can like. It is easy to do it and it only takes a couple of minutes. Here you can publish articles, blog posts, video clips and pictures. It is also a good idea to have a web site.

Most of the time we do not publish straight on Facebook. Instead we are publishing everything first on livingtorah.online. Then we publish the URL on Facebook together with a short description of the article or blog post.