The Unique Torah in Hevron 

The Torah in Hevron is very different from Torah learnt in many other cities in the Holy Land. And of course, it can´t in any way be compared to Torah that may be learnt in the darkness of Galut. The Torah that we receive in the City of our Forefathers is so alive. We can read about Hebron in 10 of the 24 books in the Bible and the word is mentioned not less than 87 times. In Bereshit, we learn that the central of the Jewish people´s roots are in Hebron and our connection to the city is eternal. This thanks to Avraham that bought the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs and adjacent field as a burial place for his wife Sarah. He bought it from Ephron the Hittite for the very high price of 400 silver).  This was 3,800 years ago and, in his merit, we are still here and Torah in Hebron and Jewish life in the City of our Patriarchs is flourishing.

With this we can truly and honesty say that Hevron is a big and very central part of the Jewish Nation and it is a big part of the Living Torah of Eretz Yisrael. And can Torah studies be more true and emotional then in the places where our roots are and history actually happened? No! Therefor Torah in Hebron is unique, and we can find many Torah institutions and frameworks that attracts thousands of Jews to be part of it.

Torah in Hevron is strong

​The natural connection between Hevron and The Torah has made Hebron into a stronghold of Torah and Judaism. Jews have lived nearly in the City of the Patriarchs continuously since the time of the bible until our days. Of course, when no possibility has been for Jewish presence, we haven´t been able. But today Hevron´s Jewish presence is very strong and committed and hundreds of thousands of Jews visit the Holy City every year and the reason are obvious. The Torah is a live in Hevron in all aspects. One of the greatest proofs of the Torah´s influence in Hevron is Shabbat Chayei Sarah. This Parasha speaks about the death of Sarah and Avraham buying Hebron from Ephron. In this merit tens of thousands of Jews from across the globe come to Hevron to celebrate this occasion every year. But Parashat Chayei Sarah is not the only Living Torah in Hevron. In Hebron we can find many institutions for Higher Jewish studies and the most famous is Yeshivat Shavei Hevron today headed by Rabbi Hananel Etrog but founded by Rabbi Moshe Bleicher.

Learning Torah in Hevron

In Hebron we can find many Institutions for Higher Torah Studies. One of the more famous is the impressive Yeshiva Shavei Hevron located inside Hevron in Beit Romano. Beit Romano has an impressive Jewish history. Erected in 1876 by Avraham Romano from Turkey. Later the building was bought by chassidei Chabad and the Toras Emes Yeshiva flourished there. Today the impressive Shavei Hevron Yeshiva is located there, and a lot have happened since the yeshiva was established in 1981. Then it had 10 students and headed by Rabbi Bleicher. I Rav Moshe Bleichers merit the yeshiva today have more then 300 students. Unfortunately, because of health reasons Rabbi Bleicher is no longer the acting Rosh Yeshiva. Instead Rav Hananel Etrog is acting Rosh Yeshiva. Except the impressive student body that also includes more 80 married men, Shavei Hevron also have more then 3000 graduates. Except the Flag Ship Yeshiva in Hevron we can also find more Torah in Hevron. A number of kollelim for married men are active in the city and most of the married men do study to become Rabbis. They are located from in all the Jewish neighborhoods in Hevron including the Cave of the Patriarchs itself.

A few last words about Torah in Hevron

Torah in Hevron is very strong. It is our history from the time of Avraham our forefathers until our days. The Jewish presence is astonishing, and it is obvious that Jews want to learn Torah in a place where the Torah is really live. Shavei Hevron founded by Rabbi Bleicher in 1981 is the flag ship Torah institution in Hevron itself with more than 300 students and 80 married men in their Kollel program.