Torah applications available for smart devices

In this generation, most of us have at least a smartphone or a tablet that we use on a daily basis. These smart devices are in many ways a great substitute for a computer. For example, we can learn a lot of Torah online on them and we can find plenty of very good Torah applications to install on them. You can for example download following applications to your device:

  • Siddurim
  • Pocket Torah
  • Jewish Kids
  • Daily Mitzvah
  • tv
  • Chitas
  • Daily Torah
  • Hayom
  • Artscroll
  • Kehat
  • The Yeshiva
  • Pocket Luach

If you like to listen to Torah classes, Torah Anytime app, is an Torah application that is very much recommended as well as the Torah App from Yeshiva University.

Different categories of Torah applications

We can divide Torah applications into different categories to make it easier to find them. Here are some of them:

  • Daily Studies
  • Torah
  • Daily Torah
  • Jewish Music
  • Chabad
  • Shiurim
  • Jewish Prayer Books
  • Jewish classes

However, the range of apps differs between different operating systems, if it is for an iOS or Android mobile device. has probably the best range of Jewish apps available for all mobile devices. So, a suggestion is to start there and check out their range of Torah applications.

Jewish Digital Library

Sometimes we actually want to have access to real books Jewish books, such as a Chumash, Gemarah, Mishna, Rambam and more. For example, Artscroll has the Artscroll Digital Library, where you can download a range of their books for a fee. What is good with Artscroll is that you get the actual books, but in a digital format. If you are looking for free Torah Sefaria app is probably the best resource for all mobile devices. The app is free and includes a huge range of Jewish books, it can´t get much better than this.

Applications to watch Torah

Sometimes we like to watch some nice Torah class online and of course we also have Torah applications for Torah classes. Some of the Jewish apps are only for Torah, but we can´t dismiss an application such as YouTube. Here you can find hundreds if not thousands of different Torah clips from different people. Some more famous than others. You can for example find all Divrei Maon video clips there. do recommend The Yeshiva (Torah by Rabbi YY Jacobsson) and (Chabad).

Torah online

Torah apps are great and very useful, but if you have access to a computer, the selection of Torah is much greater. So, it is suggested for you to use Torah apps when nothing else is available. But if you have the possibility to find Torah online instead it is very much suggested.  Also, for online Torah as well as we have seen for Jewish applications Chabad range of resources outperforms mostly everything. So it is much suggested for everyone to take advantage of Chabad online to find Torah and Jewish information.

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