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If you want to Repent, stop label yourself

I believe that all Jews, at least Jews who are carful with their heritage always strive to become better and on a deeper lever know who they are and it that way merit to make teshuva. This means that I want to become a better what I am then before, but it has nothing to do with who I am. But as we have learnt before we can´t change who we are, only what we are. But to be able and do true repentance and make teshuva we have to stop label ourselves. Because as long as we still label ourselves, we are still in the place where we are not able or willing to change who we are. And very often such a person do not have the possibility to separate from who I am and what I am. And will never be able to strive for real repentance because they will never be willing or able to change their Label.

Stop label yourself and become who you are

To label yourself and let others label you as well has a great like hood to become a disaster. And not only that, if you are Jewish, according to many opinions this labeling is against Judaism. Because it takes away your possibility to make teshuva. If you agree to be labeled, then the label will always stay within you, in your circles and support groups where you feel a belonging. There is no way that you can change your label among those people and unfortunately these are the people you often trust and open your heart too. For example, you have AA (Anonymous Alcoholics), even if you haven´t had a drop of wine or a bear in 30 years you will still label yourself as an alcoholic, since this was who you were then and who you are in this group. And you are too scared to even touch a drop of alcohol because you may fall back into bad habits and drink again. But sometimes you even use a scarier label “recovering alcoholic”. Either you are an alcoholic or you are not. You can´t be both. A person in such a group can never repent or believe that any person can repent from their previous “what I am”. It will always stay with you. And this is far from Judaism. In Judaism we believe in Teshuva, we can repent and then we can go on. Maybe we will not touch to much alcohol during the first couple of years, but slowly we learn that alcohol is not dangerous, and we can control over it. and even more, in such a group, the purpose may times is to feel sorry for each other and support each other from negativity and to try and understand the hardship of the other person. But this is not Judaism.

Stop label yourself and repent

The worst thing with people labeling themselves is that they are at the same time labeling other people as well. In the same way as they don´t believe that they can change, they don´t believe that a person can make teshuva. They don´t trust that the “What I am” has been changed. In their mindset they are just waiting for the next time something will happen. But every improvement and change for the better a person has done is redemption and every time a person manages this; he is feeling his own Geula. This is the Jewish approach. Of course, people do fall, and we have to work on ourselves again. But at least we know that we have all the tools we need to reach there again and by using our tools more and more, we will be surer about them and know how to use them. This is Judaism.

Stop label yourself and become happy

When you decide to leave this negative environment of always being someone that you are not any longer you can finally become a happy person. Your past will always follow you. You haven´t had drugs for 20 years but are still considered a drug addict and this is who you are. But the day you tell yourself, I am not a drug addict, I am not a alcoholic and instead focus on what you are today. In this way a glas of wine or a pice of cake would not scare you or to look for a real honest relationship for marriage if you know that today you are not a sex addict. Because today you are healthy or at least on your way to become a healthy person. And with this approach you will become Happy. But always look at yourself from a place of negativity will never help you be happy, repent and reach your own Geula.

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