Planning your move to Israel

It is time for you to start planning your move to Israel. As we all know we have a positive commandment to live in the land of Israel. We have to settle and conquer the Holy Land. According to several Halachic opinions, this mitzva is even equal to all other Mitzvot in the Torah.  But let us not discuss this subject here. To move to Israel and making Aliyah is a huge step in most people’s lives and it is not an easy one to do. Therefore it is very important to plan your move as much as possible ahead of your move to Israel. Many of you have been visiting Israel numerous times before moving to Israel and plenty of you have also been here on different long-term programs. Therefore Israel is not an unknown country and society for most of you.

Move to Israel and become Israeli

I believe that one mistake that many of you do when planning your move to Israel is where to live. I often hear and read that “we are looking for an Anglo community”. In certain ways, it is probably great and can be helpful, but I do believe that integrating into Israeli society is much more important long-term. If not for you but for your children. On the one hand, you want your children to feel “at home”, but on the other hand, it is very important for them to become “Israelis” in all aspects of life. They hopefully have many years left living in Israel and you don´t want to put hinders in front of them. I know enough Anglo´s who had to de Ulpan before the Army because they never got used to Hebrew before. But also, for you. Too many times I read and hear that people are complaining that not enough is available in English from government offices to banks and medical institutions. Remember, Hebrew is the official language in Israel and as sooner you decide to integrate into the society and feel comfortable using Hebrew as faster you will feel like an Israeli.

Move to Israel and live with Israelis

I do not say that you should move to Israel and just live among non-English-speakers. I just say that it is important to integrate into society. You have many communities in Israel with a great mixture of people born in Israel and new immigrant from different countries. You can, for example, find many community settlements with a respected number of English speakers but not too much. Gush Etzion is a great example where you have to many Anglo´s together according to my opinion.  Koshav HaShachar in Shomron is a great example where the English-speaking community is very much integrated into the regular community.

Move to Israel and live in Har Hevron

We are living in Maon located in Har Hevron. Geographically we stretch from Kiryat Arba (Hevron) down to the northern Negev not far from Be´er Sheva. Here you will not find a lot of English speakers, but you will find amazing communities. In Maon, we are about 80 families. This is a great community with few Olim, but with great acceptance for new immigrants. Anytime someone needs help, everyone is willing to help out and give a hand. If your Hebrew is not good enough, you can always find a neighbor that is willing to help you out with a smile. This is the real way to get into the Israeli society and be sure that you can handle the challenges that will come your way. Also, housing prices in Har Hevron are very attractive compared to most other areas in Israel. For example, in Maon you can be the happy owner of a house for about 1 million shekels. Your own home, a nice garden and an amazing view.

Bring your Anglo community to Har Hevron

Living in Israel is a privilege and a big mitzvah. Of course, I understand that you want to live to a certain extant with people like you. But instead of looking for a current community or city with a big Anglo community I would suggest for you to think outside the box. Convince your friends and fellow Jews who are planning their move to Israel to come and visit us in Maon. We are happy to welcome you and your friends to Moshav Maon in Har Hevron.


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