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70 Faces to the Torah

How to Approach the 70 Faces to the Torah The Midrash (Bamidbar Rabbah 13:15) tells us that there are 70 faces to the Torah. What the Midrash want to tell us is, that we have 70 different ways to understand and interpret the Torah. We are not talking about...

A Good Quality Life in Moshav Maon

For the past 12 years, we have been living in a community settlement named Moshav Maon in Har Hevron. Our community is located in the southern part of the Hevron Hills on the way south to Be´er Sheva. You drive by the Holy city of Hebron/Kiryat Arba and continue driving for another 20 minutes.  The clime where we live is desert clime with cold and windy winters and hot and dry summers. In total, we are about 80 families living here. According to my opinion, this is a very good place to bring up our family and for children, it can´t get better than in Moshav Maon

Life in Moshav Maon

Moshav Maon is one of about 20 communities in Mount Hebron. We are located in the real center of the country. If you fold the map of Israel, we are located in the center. As mentioned above, in total we are about 80 families living here. When we came to Maon, then everyone kept a high religious level and many of the married men did learn in Kollel. Today, the range of religious observance has a broad range, but everyone keeps Shabbos and Kosher. This is not only a problem in Maon but in the whole society. The influences from the outside do penetrate everywhere. But for sure, everyone feels comfortable in the community and no one is looking down on others because of their way of life. This is something unique that you generally don´t find in religious communities.

Community life in Moshav Maon

Maon is not only a place where we live, but this is also so much more. Moshav Maon is a community in many aspects. When we arrived here 12 years ago less than 50 families lived here. The whole settlement was like one big and happy family. We had a lot of great social gatherings together. Including:

  • a huge community BBQ on Israel Independence Day
  • a big BBQ and Bonfire on Lag B´Omer
  • well as plenty of other happenings.

And the most important thing, you never felt alone. You always know that whatever you needed it as just one or two phone calls away. Even today, with 80 families, Moshav Maon is still a very strong community. It is hard to compare 50 to 80 families, but the feeling of belonging to a community is still here. You always know that if you need something, you are still only a phone call or two away. And people really care about each other and make sure that no one is left out. So, if you want to belong to a unique and strong community Maon is a place that I really recommend for you to check out.

Moshav Maon for children

For children, Maon is a dream place to live for many reasons. Here you will find a lot of activities for all children and ages. We have an excellent Talmud Torah twice a week for each age group from Kindergarten and upwards. Except that, you will also find a lot of children activities such as B´nei Akiva, Oz and every day between Mincha and Ma´ariv in Beit HaKnesset. Every Shabbos morning the children can enjoy a nice children service as well. The children can also walk around freely in the settlement without any worrying. At the playground, you will always see a lot of children playing around both on weekdays as well as during Shabbos and Holidays and no need for parents or adults to be there with them.

Moshav Maon if you like Torah classes

Moshav Maon is an Israeli community settlement, which means that you will not find any English Torah classes here. But we are living in Israel, so we should learn Hebrew anyway. Every day you can enjoy Torah classes in the community. Most of them by our Rabbi Moshe Cohen. Except for the Rabbi´s classes, we also have an evening Kollel in the community. I am a part of it and currently, we are studying Hilchot Shabbos. You can also find different study groups and if you like to have a chavrusa to learn with, a lot of people would like to pair up with you. You will also find different classes only for women. We also have a Midrasha in Maon for girls after Army/Sherut Leumi. This seminar is headed by our previous community Rabbi, Rav Dani Stiskin. He is actually American, so any questions you have, he can help you out.

If you want to check out Maon

It is very hard to get the true picture of Maon on paper, but most people who come and visit get caught up with the atmosphere here. The place is unique as I have mentioned before. I would really suggest you come and visit and see for yourself. If you like to come for a Shabbos to really feel the atmosphere and meet people, you are more then welcome. You can contact me and I will help you to get in touch with the right people.