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Why I decided to make Aliyah

For me, I never had a doubt about not living in Israel and make Aliyah. I always knew that Israel is my only home and Sweden where I grew up is something temporary. I never felt like a Swede. I always saw my identity as a Jew. That, unfortunately, I was born in Sweden I couldn´t do anything about. Unfortunately, most of the Jewish people I grew up with considered themselves primary Swedes and Secondary Jews. Therefore, more than 90 % of them have decided to intermarry and ignore the Jewish Heritage. But for me, the strong feeling of Am Yisrael (the Jewish Nation) was so much more important than anything else.

Make Aliyah out of the free will

When I decided to make Aliyah and make Israel my permanent home the world actually looked much better than it does today. I didn´t have to flee Israel because it was dangerous to live in Europe and the USA. I moved here because it is my homeland, and the land that God has promised me and the Jewish Nation. And for me, it is a privilege every day to live in the Land of Israel. Here I can raise and educate my children in a completely Jewish environment. Here the foundation of our lives is on Jewish values and religion. Here we are able to live as Jews as we wish and don´t get influenced by other elements that can cause harm to us as a Nation. We as Am Yisrael, for our survival we are not depended on others and have never been. But this is only possible in Israel. If you want more excellent reasons why to make Aliyah please read the 39 reasons to make Aliyah according to Rabbi Ari Shvat, a famous Rabbi active in Israel.

Make Aliyah before it is too late

Unfortunately, the world around us isn´t as calm that many have hoped. Antisemitism in Europe is appalling and as we all can see; no decline seems to be on the horizon. In Europe daily, if not weekly we can read about Antisemitic incidents. Often with a deadly outcome. Something that is new, but on a steady increase is the deadly outcome of Antisemitic attacks in America. Until recently Jews in America believed that they also lived in “Gods promised land”, but as we can see that is far from the truth. But it hard to realize that this is the case. But it is time to open your eyes and make Aliyah before it can be too late. You still have the possibility to not flee but to make a proper Aliyah, but you have to truly understand and not deny the reality. As long you are waiting as harder it will be and your attitude towards the whole process will be less positive. To make Aliyah and prepare your future in Israel should be good and enjoyable.

So do like me, make Aliyah because you really believe that it is the right thing to do. And even if you don´t agree with me, do it for yourself and your family’s future. Because however, you look on it, Chutz La´aretz isn´t the place for any Jew to live.

Please check with your nearest Aliyah office how to make Aliyah from where you live. 

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