Introduction to Learning Torah Online

Years ago, the only way to learn Torah was from books. Books where (and still are) a big cost and not only that, you also have to have space for them. In our days we can find nearly all holy books and other texts that we need online and Learning Torah Online is something that is very common and accepted. Except for online Learning, a lot of people are using software and databases to get sources from and copy them into Word documents. Chabad online is probably the best place to find information, since Chabad hosts hundreds of different web sites across the globe in many different languages.
The most well-known site is, but you have plenty more out there.
Another excellent and famous site where there is no lack of resources and information is, which belong to The Aish HaTorah Yeshiva in Jerusalem.
Another Yeshiva that also offers a wide range of Learning Torah Online is the world famous Ohr Sameach. On their web site, you can find a lot of online Torah in many different languages.

Databases for Learning Torah Online

Except for Learning Torah online, the internet also offers us different Jewish databases from where we can find hundreds of thousand different Torah sources. Some of them are free and some we have to pay a fee to use. The Bar Ilan Responsa Project is the most common and popular Torah database and it is available both online as well as software to install on a computer. But for users, that don´t need unlimited access to Jewish Sources online and don´t have the budget to pay for the Bar Ilan subscription, is an excellent alternative. You will not only find an excellent selection of books; you will also get access to other users’ source sheets in a wide range of different subjects. For the best experience, I suggest that you sign up for an account. It takes two minutes and it is completely free of charge.

Learning Torah online in many languages

It is hard to find Jewish Torah books in many languages since it cost a lot of money to print books and make it profitable. But Learning Torah Online is many languages is possible and often free of charge. Most of the time it is not books that are translated into other languages, but people are publishing their own Torah online. Very often the quality and range of online Torah is much greater than written books since there is no cost involved in publishing online.

Listening to Torah online

Learning Torah Online is not only from different texts that we can find. The Internet also provides us with thousands of different Online Torah to listen to and often we also have the possibility to watch as well. Torah Any Time is probably the best Web portal to listen and watch Torah classes in multiple languages. Some speakers have their own sites where they are publishing their Online Torah. For example, Rabbi YY Jackobson is running and a lot of Rabbi Manis Friedmans Torah is available at, which is a site that is very popular with many visitors.

Learning Torah Online on YouTube

Learning Torah Online on YouTube is also possible. YouTube offers a wide range of Torah from nearly an unlimited number of sources. Just search for what you want to see and within a couple of seconds, search results will be visible for you. Among many Torah Channels, Divrei Maon is one of them, managed by Eli Janovsky.

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