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The importance of honest answers

We all know that to answer honestly is one of the foundations of trust. And of course, this is not only between friends, business partners, family or between husband and wife. Honest answers are your own foundation for who you are and what you are. Even more, how you look at yourself and respect yourself. Of course, circumstances can occur where honest answers not always are possible to give, but without any reason give either a lie or not a true answer is never acceptable. So why does people act in this way? And how should we approach people we know acting in such a manner. Can we ever trust them and their opinions?

Why people do not give honest answers

Some people are lying because they can´t tell the truth. This is a mental is most of the time a mental issue and you can probably get hep to correct it. These kinds of people you know that you can´t trust because they are labeled as liars. But you have other and more dangerous “liars” and that is the people who are not telling the real truth. They are hiding facts to gain their own cause. In other words, they are hiding important information from the whole picture to make them look good and the other part be at fault. The danger here is, if you ask the other person why he or she didn´t tell the whole and true picture the reply you will get is: that you could have added it yourself if it was important for you. But I believe that it is up to the person starting the subject to give a correct version of it and not “throwing it over” to the other person. Either be honest from the beginning or don´t make an opinion. But for a lot of people this is very difficult and dangerous. By living in a state of nothing a person believes that he or she can survive.

Don´t give not honest answers

When denying the truth and give not true or honest answers a person actually denies where he or she stands themselves. What does it give a person to lift up a person to a level where they in no way belong when someone asks a question about a certain person? We are not talking about Lashon HaRa, but regular conversations. This is far from talking negative about another person. But what is the underlying reason that a person does it? what good does the person feeling when not telling the truth or denying facts that is common knowledge? And this also make a person deny himself and his protentional. This actually makes you into a “servant” or a “slave” of the other person and makes his or her opinions and behaviors become the norm and has to be defended at any price. So if you want to be free and independent be honest, give honest answers to people that asks you. Sometimes it may be hard and a bit shameful, but the truth is the only thing that can bring our private redemption and the redemption of the Jewish Nation.

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