Chabad online

Today, you don´t need hundreds of different Jewish (Holy Books) to be able and study Torah. You can find more then you need resources online and in different Databases. We at Living Torah Online strongly suggest that you try out Chabad Online in the first step to get the information that you need about anything Jewish in digital written form. We also suggest that you contact the closed Chabad House and Rabbi when you have questions regarding Jewish observance that you want to know. is the main English web site. Except learning about all Jewish holidays, the weekly Torah portions, kosher food and much more, the site also offer you all Shabbos times in the whole world. It is difficult to explain in words how incredibly good, useful and perfect for so much, so the only thing we can do is to ask you to visit it for everything Jewish you need.

Chabad online TV

Chabad have their own broadcasting and offer thousands of different inspiring classes, courses and much more in many different categories. All this can you find at, which is Chabad online broadcasting domain. But anyway, this is an under category of their main site, You can also find inspiring Chabad Rabbis on portals such as YouTube. Rabbi YY Jackobson and Rabbi Manis Friedman are two of the most popular Chabad lectures lecturing across the globe.

Chabad online applications

Chabad online is not only their web sites; they also offer a wide range of applications for your smartphone or tablet. They are very easy to download and install from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Among their applications you find both,, full learning schedules etc. In contrast to many other Jewish application developers, Chabad do update theirs often.

Here is a pick of application that Online Chabad offer for smart devices:

  • Daily Jewish Quote
  • org
  • tv
  • Chabad nearby
  • The Smart Siddur
  • Ask the Rabbi
  • Hayom
  • Daily Torah Study

Chabad books online

If you would like to buy Chabad books you don´t need to enter any bookstore to do your shopping. Chabad has many great online stores where you can buy books and other Judaica. In Israel I suggest Heichal Menachem, my one-stop store for most of my needs. For more private service and fast deliveries I use Beit Chabad in Meitar, co-headed by my good friend Yossi Greizman.

Chabad House

Chabad online also gives you the possibility to find a Chabad House or center nearby you. Just search on Google for “Chabad house” and where and you will find very useful information. You can find Chabad Houses across the whole world, and information about them are available on the net.

The Rebbe

For the Rebbe technology wasn´t something dangerous that we should avoid. Instead we should use it for the right purpose and spread Yiddishkeit. Thanks to this approach Chabad today is not only Chabad houses, centers, on campus. It is also Chabad online in many different ways.

Living in Israel

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