Jewish Wealth

Jewish Wealth

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What True Jewish Wealth is

Here below you can read what true Jewish Wealth is. This is from Hayom Yom 9 Nissan.

“Jewish wealth is not houses and gold. The everlasting Jewish wealth is: Being Jews who keep Torah and Mitzvot, and bringing into the world children and grandchildren who keep Torah and Mitzvot”.

Hayom Yom was Compiled and arranged by The Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, in 1943  from the talks and letters of the sixth Chabad Rebbe, his father in law Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn.

You can find more about Chabad on the page Chabad online and you can read more about Torah online as well on


Prayers can change  nature

Prayers can change nature

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Living in Israel

Living in Israel is a huge privilege To be living in Israel is such a big privilege. This is the land that God promised to our forefathers' thousands of years ago. And today the Jewish Nation is living in many of the places that is mentioned in the Torah. For example:...

Now You Can Afford your Own Home

Now You Can Afford Your Own Home in Israel For less than 1 million shekels you can buy your home in Moshav Maon in Har Hevron. For more information please comment on this post or comment on Facebook. Good luck. Looking forward to having you as our Neighboords 🙂  

Who I am and What I am

To survie we always need to know Who I am and What I am All of us are struggling with the issues Who we are and What we are. Unfortunately, we most of the time see our self as a combination of the Who and the What. But this is not true. I am a father. That is Who I...

Baruch HaShem is not an answer

Baruch HaShem is not an answer Many Jews are using the expression Baruch HaShem or Thank God when they are asked how they are feeling, what´s going on, anything new etc. But Baruch HaShem in itself is not an answer to any question. It just means that the person has...

Find your own Geulah

Your own personal Geulah Find and work on your own personal Geulah is very important. Without this you will not understand the concept of the Real Geulah (Redemption). Click to watch why. Looking forward to your comments

Jews in Galut can´t Mourn Yerushalayim

Mourn Yerushalayim in Galut Jews who are living in Galut by their own free will and have no desire or will to move to the Land of Israel can´t mourn Yerushalayim in an honest way. You can compare it to somoen crying out for a nice steak at a vegan restaurnat. The only...

We need to License Rabbis to Protect our Nation

Should Rabbis need a license I strongly believe that any person working as a Rabbi needs to have a license in addition to their Rabbinical Ordinance. And this license should be renewed on a regular basis. Why? Because they are serving the public and people have great...

Is a wig actually to cover your head

To cover your head with a wig does it fulfill the purpose? A wig is not the spiritually right way to cover your head, because as long as only one person may think that it is your own hair, then you are not fulfilling the purpose of covering your head. Because you...

Modesty in Judaism

Modesty in Judaism is for everyone Modesty in Judaism is much more then how we are dressed, it is very much also how we behave. This is the same for everyone no different of gender. To be humble is the best way to be Modest in all ways of life. Please listen to my...

Jewish Modesty for Women

Jewish Modesty for women Jewish Modesty for women is much more than just how long sleeves you have or how far below the knees the skirt ends. It has to do with bringing attention to yourself as well as attraction from others. This is especially critical for married...

Our Prayers and good deeds can change nature

We have the possibility to change nature with help of our prayers and good deeds. With sincere belief we can change what is already decreed by God. But we have to believe in it from the depth of our hearts. The Rebbe said and that תפילות ומצוות has the power to change nature and we as בני המלך are able to do it. But we have to understand that we should not only focus on changing for our own sake, we have the responsibility to help everyone that needs our help even if we have to leave our own comfort zoon. Because we are One Nation with One Heart.

May we together bring the redemption speedily in our days with our prayers and good deeds.

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