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What Living Torah Online is

Welcome to Living Torah!
This is a website where We will publish different Torah thoughts and Torah insights from people who want to share with the public their Torah. We will primary published different video clips and let you enjoy them and hopefully get some inspiration. Our goal is to publish easy-to-understand Torah where you don’t need a lot of sources to understand the deeper meaning. In other words, the Torah here can be enjoyed any time and anywhere even on the go.

What you can find on living Torah online

The basis of the Torah thoughts and insights on this the website comes from personal reflections and experiences from life. The original sources are mainly from Hassidic teachings from different Chassidic groups. You Will also find a lot of Love for the Land of Israel on this website and we have a strong emphasize on Israel and Living in Israel and of course Torah in Eretz Yisrael.

Anyhow, no matter what Torah you are taking part of, we really hope that you enjoy and get it inspired by it. We hope that you will share with us your thoughts about the material on the website. We would really like your feedback on Torah thoughts and inspirations available on the site as well as your comments on the other information we publish as well.

Your Torah Teachings

If you have any Torah teachings that you want to share on Livingtorah.online, please send it to us. You can either share it as a blog post on the site. If you have Torah video clips on YouTube or any other portal we can link to them as well. Because our main goal is to be able and spread the Torah to anyone who wants to enjoy it.

Video clips on YouTube

All our video clips are published on YouTube and then link to this website. To Make each video clip easier to find we will also provide some kind of a summary for each clip available. This way it will be easier for you to search and find our videos for example Google.

Torah on Facebook

We also have a group on Facebook where we are publishing most of the video clips and other Torah articles. We would very much appreciate if you like us on Facebook and spread the words of living Torah online. Except our page you can find many other Torah on Facebook groups where you can learn and get inspired by great Torah, You can acess these Torah groups online or on your mobile Device. On a mobile device it is best if you download and use Facebook Mobile App.

May the Torah on this website bring the Jewish nation closer to each other and sanctify God’s name in the highest way possible with the tools that we have. Together we will grow stronger Bring a Jewish awareness to all Jews and with God´s help, we will bring more Jewishness into the lives of our brothers and sisters who still haven´t seen and experienced the beauty and harmony of Judaism.

Torah Resources online

Nowadays you can find all the Jewish resources you need online and Learning Torah Online has never been easier. Either in Databases that are available either for free or for a fee and obviously also on different web sites. We strongly suggest for you to search on Chabad web sites to find as much information as possible since their material is available to people no matter of their knowledge and understanding of Judaism. We suggest that you try out Chabad.org and see what they offer you. If you are looking for a free service to find Jewish texts in a very well organized way then Sefaria is the only place for you. Except for a web site that is really outstanding they also offer Torah apps for iOS and Android. So you can always have your Torah library with you for free. But, don´t forget to give your donation. They are doing an amazing job and need our support.

Torah Software

You can also find a broad range of different Torah programs for computers that are very useful. You can read more about it in our article about Torah Software. Please read the article before purchasing your next Jewish software.

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