Find Torah on YouTube

If you like to watch and get inspired of Torah online, then YouTube is an excellent resource for you. Torah on YouTube is nearly unlimited, and you can find many amazing speakers publishing there. For example can you find amazing Torah in a different format from speakers such as Rabbi YY Jackobson, Rabbi Manis Friedman, Rabbi David Aaron and one of my favorites in Hebrew, Rabbi Meilech Biderman. Except watching Torah online on YouTube, you can also find other inspiring Jewish video clips there, such as weddings, Rebbe clips and much more. Some of the most inspirational videos available are the clips with the Rebbe, such as the one when children meet the Rebbe and receive dollars.

It is easy to access YouTube. Either you can do it online on the web site ( or you can download the YouTube app to your smartphone or tablet.

Different Torah on YouTube

Torah is not only teachings that we can learn something from. It can also be something that we can get inspired from and make an impression on us. This kind of Torah we can find a lot on YouTube as well. We can for example find the following kind of video clips that is Torah on YouTube:

Of course, you can also find Divrei Maon Torah on YouTube. Just use the search term Divrei Maon and you will get access to all its Torah on YouTube.

Why watch Torah on YouTube

We can find numerous of reasons why to watch Torah on YouTube. First of all, you have access to all videos everywhere, booth on your computer and on mobile devices. You can decide to subscribe to different Torah channels and whenever a new video is released you´ll get a notification. You can also save videos or mark them to watch later. Also, if you don´t have the possibility to watch a whole clip, it will be saved and next time you want to watch it, you can easily find it in your history list. And when you click on the YouTube video it will start from the place you stopped last time. This is very convenient, so you don´t have to search for the right place.

Share YouTube Torah

If you like a Torah YouTube video clip and want to share it with others, you can easily do it. YouTube let you share video clips in many different ways. You can easy share it video WhatsApp, Facebook, E-mail and more. You can even insert YouTube videos easily to your own web site. Just make sure before, that you are allowed to share a YouTube clip on your web site.

Upload YouTube Torah

If you have some Jewish video clips you want to share with the public, then YouTube is excellent as well. Everyone can upload Torah on YouTube. The only thing you need to have is a Google account. Usually the same as your e-mail address. The only thing you have to do is to create a channel to be able to upload your Torah. Each video clip you create will have its own URL, that you can share with people. When clicking on the link they can watch your Torah. You can also share your You Tube Torah on your own web site. If you are using WordPress, you have different Plugins that can help you to add your clip easy. You can also use the iFrame code to insert your Torah from You Tube easily.

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