Public Letter from Rabbis in regards to the Eurovision

Shavua tov from The Holy Land,

Here you find an English translation of a Public Letter published by great Israel Rabbis yesterday Friday in regards to the Eurovision. Among them:

  • Rav Dov Lior
  • Rav Chaim Steiner
  • Rav Tzvi Tau

“We recently learned that Eurovision, which is currently taking place as a public event in the State of Israel, apart from the serious breach of modesty it entails, is also, unfortunately, a mass desecration of Shabbat.”

“This matter is shocking and deeply hurtful and completely contradicts the principles of our existence as a Jewish state,” the rabbis continued. “Since its establishment, the State of Israel has taken upon itself to preserve the sanctity of the Sabbath and the Jewish character in its public space. We cannot accept a situation in which the most elementary values ​​of our people are trampled on all sides.”

“Such phenomena also seriously affect the very foundations of our existence. The secret of the Jewish people lies in its purity, its holiness and its loyalty to its eternal G-dly values. Even when we were in exile we knew how necessary these values ​​were to maintain our existence, and especially during this period in which we’ve been privileged to gather in our land and build the State of Israel.”

Full article available on IsraelNationalNews

Yesterday The Israeli Chief Rabbi Rav David Lau asked the public to add 20 minutes to Shabbos. 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after.