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Important Message from the Chief Rabbi of Israel

This is a very important message from the Cheif Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau in regards to the Eurovision and the desecration of Shabbos. Thousand of people will desecrate Shabbos because of this event. Please read his message and do your utmost to sanctify this Shabbos extra.

My apologies for the poor translation of his message, but I hope you get his important message anyway.

I wish you all a Git Shabbos


HaRav David Lau


The sanctity of Shabbat is the cornerstone of the existence of the Jewish people. Shabbat was strengthened by the sanctity and sanctity of the Sabbath: strengthening the prayers and private and public Torah study, as well as being extravagant in its desecration of what is incompatible with the Sabbath spirit – both adults and children. Those who are able to accept the Sabbath ten minutes earlier at the request of the Chief Rabbi.
May we merit that the light of the Sabbath shine on all the inhabitants of the Holy Land and the Jews in all the Diaspora so that we will no longer be in the dark.

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