Jews it is time to come home

Memorials to victims outside the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh

How indoctrinated are our brothers in Chutz L´aretz? How many Anti-Semitic occurrences must happen before the Jews in Galut understand that the statement “Jews it is time to come home” is really true? These are not just incidents that are happening, it is from above – from God. this is God´s way to show us, that it is time to come home and leave the Gashmiut of Galut behind.

Gashmiut, especially in the darkness of Galut is Avodah Zarah (Idol Worship) where a person’s status in the Jewish Community and Society mainly depends on their bank account and occupation and not their Torah and Jewish values. The famous author Tzvi Fishman wrote an excellent novel that really pinpoint the problem by the name “On Eagles Wings” that you also can find in his book Days of Mashiach. Here you can read about the stubborn, very rich South African businessman Mervyn Levy who refused to move to Israel before “Almighty Himself, or at least the Mashiach, to bring him to Zion” because this was what his poor and uneducated Rabbis had taught him.

Jews it is time to come home before it is to late

It is not only anti-Semitism that is a sign from God that the statement “Jews it is time to come home” is true. It also includes lack of Jewish education such as lack of Jewish day schools and Yeshivot. We also have to remember that assimilation and intermarriage also are hints from God to the Jewish people that is it time to come home, and to come home is to move to Israel. Not in any way to build are strengthen Jewish communities in Galut. But it is very important for you Jews to come home before it is too late, so you have time to sell your home, company, real estate and more without the worries of having to do fast and bad decisions and deals because time is running out for you. As we all know, God have pity on his Chosen Nation but not on stupidity. Such as believing that staying in Chutz L´aretz is still a solution and we just need some more patience. That everything will be fine again. Anti-Semitism will end, assimilation will disappear, and Internet marriages will not exist any longer.

Time to come home and build the Jewish Future

The Jewish future is in our hands and in the Land of Israel. There are no excuses for not saying “it is time to come home”. The state of Israel may be far from an optimal Jewish State but what can we do about it? The state is inside the biblical borders of Eretz Yisrael and we have a Torah obligation to live here. Thank God, the modern state of Israel has seen many blessings and God do bestow us with his mercy and blessings every day. We are one of the world leading countries and the Jewish economy is blossoming. From the Jewish perspective, no place in the world can you find a better and more fulfilling Jewish life. Everything that we need to be Jewish and stay Jewish is available here and accessible to all of us. We know that our children can chose from a broad range of Jewish Education such as Jewish Day Schools, Yeshivot, Seminars and much more. It is here that the Jewish future is possible, and it is here in the Land of Israel God want us to be. As mentioned before, to live in Chutz L´aretz is a punishment from God and the Gashmiut that destroy your Jewish soul in Galut is Avodah Zarah!

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