Baruch HaShem is not an answer

Many Jews are using the expression Baruch HaShem or Thank God when they are asked how they are feeling, what´s going on, anything new etc. But Baruch HaShem in itself is not an answer to any question. It just means that the person has Faith in God.

This means that you are obligated to answer the question that is asked to you with a correct answer. Many times, it also includes the expression Thank God or Baruch HaShem since we have the faith.

And if we have hardship, we can get help when answering the question asked about how we are feeling. Even though God provides for us what we need, but most of the time we have to do our part as well to receive the proper help. For example, if someone ask me how I am doing, and the answer is “I am sick Thank God”. Then the person who asked has the possibility to help out. For example, cook a meal, take care of my children etc.

Here below you can watch my video on this subject.

Looking forward to hearing your comments.